“An ironing board is a surfboard that gave up on its dreams and got a boring job.  Don’t be an ironing board!”

Hey welcome to Mamas Ignited. I am Louisa Herridge; speaker, author & leader of the Mamas Ignited movement.

As a Mindset and Empowerment coach I work with women in business and women with a desire and passion who are ready for MORE.  This could be by igniting your message and mission, becoming more visible or taking your first step to reinvent your life and business.

I empower women to find their spark, so that they can turn up the dial on living lives and running businesses they actually love; transforming their ironing boards into surfboards that will ride the waves of life & business with passion and purpose. (Seriously who irons anyway?)

Over the last 12 months I have built a business from scratch after pulling myself out of the depths of despair and a vortex of doom.  I have reinvented my life to follow this mission and I am proud to be living out my mantra by ditching my ironing board; leaving a teacher career to lead the Mamas Ignited Movement - riding my surfboard and fulfilling my soul’s purpose to write, speak and empower.

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I have surrounded myself with a powerhouse group of coaches and mentors and I have learned how to show up as the real me; without apology.  My mission is driven by my story and I want to help you to tap into your story and be able to speak from the scar not the wound to use your story to ignite your business.

I have had my share of adversity and know how hard it can be to stop listening to your inner critic, voice of doom and the tight grip of imposter syndrome and anxiety.  I understand your fear of judgement or failure; I had it to. We can work on that together.

A core belief of mine is the Law of Attraction and through working with me either one-to-one or on a group programme I will empower you to Ignite your Vision.  I use a range of coaching techniques with my main focus being MINDSET, MINDFULNESS & MOTIVATION.

I have created a signature 5-step Mindfulness System that sits at the very heart of my business and my IMPACT system gives you the tools to make sure that your message is clear, passionate and getting heard by the right people.  To uplevel you need to IMPACT. Download my free guide '6 Steps to Ignite your Business Impact' below to read more.

I want you to know that you can choose to BE more, DO more and in turn HAVE more.

You have infinite possibilities.  What is your mission? What impact are you ready to make. Are you ready for MORE?

So… Are you ready to Ignite your Impact?


My vision with Mamas Ignited is that all women will have the self-belief and confidence to believe that they can always choose to BE more, DO more and HAVE more.  For all Mamas to see that there is life beyond motherhood if they want to find it and they do not have to put up with the juggle-struggle and they can want to be more without apology.  For ALL women to be ignited and choose to turn their ironing board into a surfboard and to ride the waves of life! Stop Ironing; Start Living.


To empower all women who are ready for more to create their dream life and business and allow themselves to believe that they can be more.  To show all women and those who may have been through abuse, trauma, PND and other adversities that there is life after trauma.  To inspire Mamas to jump onto the surfboard and follow their dreams.  To empower all women in business, no matter what stage to be able to believe in their power.


I lead Mamas Ignited with integrity and trust. I have been you and I know how it feels to be lost, stuck and controlled by your negative thoughts!  I want all women to know that by working with me I will hold space for you to be true to yourselves.  I support women and aim to inspire other women to visualise your dreams, to believe in and create the impact needed in whatever way this may be – family, career or personal confidence and mindset.

We all have the spark to

BE more, DO more and HAVE more.