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I have been igniting sparks for a whole year now with Mamas Ignited and it is time to share this with you.
You may already have your own business or maybe are ready up jump into your side hustle and really ignite your impact?
I am so happy that you are here and I can’t wait to be a part of your journey.
I’ve said it before and I will say it again... grab that surfboard... get ready to ride the wave!

In the last 12 months I have completely pivoted from depressed, anxious school teacher feeling all the mum-guilt of juggling full-time teaching and being a solo mum to creating my own thriving business that means I can work my business around being mum and my mental health is the best it has been in years!

So... how did I go from High school teacher to Number 1 best selling author, booked motivational speaker and a successful mindset and empowerment coach inspiring women from all stages of business in less than a year?

In this 4 day challenge I will give you the insight into how I IGNITED my business and made IMPACT within 6 months of launching Mamas Ignited.

Join me on Monday 6th September daily at 11am or on catch up to Ignite your SPARK and create some serious IMPACT.

In the last year I have dug deep, confronted my fears and trusted that I could make a difference; believed that I could inspire other women, other mamas to ignite their lives; taken action to make sure that I created IMPACT and by following my passion and purpose I have done just that.


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Ask, Receive, Believe


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  • Do you want success but fear success?
  • Do you fear rejection or judgement?
  • Do you fear being imperfect and often procrastinate?
  • Playing small?
  • Not charging your truth worth?

I have answered YES to all of these in the last 12 months.

It all starts with a change of MINDSET

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Sparks & Impact Challenge

About Louisa

Louisa is a solo mum, speaker, writer and survivor. Like the glorious Phoenix, she has risen from the ashes of debt, abuse and trauma; reborn in flames as the Blazing leader of the Mamas Ignited movement.