Sparks & Impact

Are you creating the impact you want? 

  • Are you getting as visible as you’d like?
  • Do you feel yourself holding back?
  • Are the inner demons stopping you from showing up?
  • Are you open to full visibility?
  • Do you want success but fear success?
  • Do you fear rejection or judgement?
  • Do you fear being imperfect and often procrastinate?
  • Playing small?
  • Not charging your truth worth?

I have answered YES to all of these in the last 12 months.
It all starts with a change of MINDSET

If you are here then I’m assuming that you already have your own business or may be ready up jump into your side hustle and really ignite your impact? I am so happy that you are here and I can’t wait to be a part of your journey.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again... a surfboard is just an ironing board that gave up on its dreams and got a boring job so grab that board... get ready to ride the wave! 

In the last 12 months I have completely pivoted from depressed, anxious school teacher feeling all the mum-guilt of juggling full-time teaching and being a solo mum to creating my own thriving business that means I can work my business around being mum and my mental health is the best it has been in years!

So... how did I go from High school teacher to Number 1 best selling author, booked motivational speaker and a successful mindset and empowerment coach inspiring women in their lives and businesses in less than a year?

In this course I will give you the FULL insight into how I IGNITED my business and made IMPACT within 6 months of launching Mamas Ignited.  

In the last year I have dug deep, confronted my fears and limiting beliefs and trusted that I could make a difference; believed that I could inspire other women, other mamas to ignite their lives; taken action to make sure that I created IMPACT and by following my passion and purpose I have done just that.


Neither did I 12 months ago.


So did I. I only left teaching in April 2021!


We all have to start somewhere!


We will work on that together!


Amazing! There is always room for MORE!

You can be MORE if you choose to be MORE

I have started, stopped, pivoted but kept on going. Within a few months women were telling me that I made a difference, that I inspired them. So I didn’t have a choice. My business became a mission.

How will you inspire and empower others? If you are ready for MORE then this course is for you. I have a host of bonus coaches who are at the TOP of their game joining me to deliver what will be a GAME CHANGER and the one stop course to make sure that you have the belief and tools to up-level your business IMPACT as well as supporting your own self-care, mindset and self-belief.

From feeling lost, overwhelmed and playing small to clarity, personal growth and confidence. 

This course will take you from feeling lost, overwhelmed and playing small to clarity, personal growth and confidence in your business. Together we will ignite your impact.

After twelve weeks you will feel transformed with a defining confidence in yourself and your business with a strategy for growth, visibility and impact.  You will be clear and in control with renewed energy and excitement for your business and life.

As a Mindset and Empowerment coach I work with women in business and women with a desire and passion who are ready for MORE.  This could be by igniting your message and mission, becoming more visible or taking your first step to reinvent your life and business.

I empower women to find their spark, so that they can turn up the dial on living lives and running businesses they actually love; transforming their ironing boards into surfboards that will ride the waves of life & business with passion and purpose. (Seriously who irons anyway?)

Over the last 12 months I have built a business from scratch after pulling myself out of the depths of despair and a vortex of doom.  I have reinvented my life to follow this mission and I am proud to be living out my mantra by ditching my ironing board; leaving a 16-year teaching career to lead the Mamas Ignited Movement - riding my surfboard and fulfilling my soul’s purpose to write, speak and empower.

In the last year I have studied and developed my mindfulness practices by working with world class mentors and immersing myself in an online tribe of positivity and calm. I have surrounded myself with a powerhouse group of coaches and mentors and I have learned how to show up as the real me; without apology.

I want this for you.  

My mission is driven by my story and I want to help you to tap into your story and be able to speak from the scar not the wound to use your story to ignite your business.

I have had my share of adversity from chronic pain to narcissistic abuse and know how hard it can be to stop listening to your inner critic, voice of doom and the tight grip of imposter syndrome and anxiety.  I understand your fear of judgement or failure; I had it too. We can work on that together.

Something that has made a massive difference to my life is learning about the Law of Attraction and I will share this with you.  I use a range of coaching techniques with my main focus being MINDSET, MINDFULNESS & MOTIVATION.

I have created a signature 5-step Mindfulness System that sits at the very heart of my business and my IMPACT system gives you the tools to make sure that your message is clear, passionate and getting heard by the right people.  To up-level you need to create IMPACT. 

I want you to know that you can choose to

BE more, DO more and in turn HAVE more.

You have Infinite Possibilities.  

Are you ready to IGNITE your SPARK & INCREASE your IMPACT?

Meet Louisa – leader of Mamas Ignited

Louisa, 41 from Warrington is a writer, speaker, survivor and leader of the Mamas Ignited movement. Louisa is on a mission as a Mindset and Empowerment coach to help women in business to find their spark, so that they can create IMPACT in their businesses. 

Louisa has overcome many adversities including: narcissistic relationships, domestic abuse, debt and lived with with chronic pain which led to depression and major back surgery. In the last two years, due to a violent assault at the hands of her ex-partner, she is living with PTSD and experienced burnout and a breakdown, before finding and creating a new path in life, helping others and helping herself and her 6-year-old daughter too.  Healing from trauma and living with PTSD.

Following 20 years in leadership, coaching and teaching, Louisa is now on a mission to encourage all women to believe in themselves, to ignite their spark to BE more, DO more and HAVE more.  

Louisa is a Number 1 best-selling author with her debut collaboration in 'Pride' and has  recently  published her first book ‘Time to Ignite - the 5-Step mindfulness system.’ Her second book ‘Ignite your Impact’ will be released in early 2022.   Louisa is a freelance writer with Chocolate PR and proofreader with Authors & Co.  

Louisa has worked with world class Public Speaking coach Dani Wallace as one of the headline speakers at Bee Inspired, April 2021.  Louisa’s speaking credentials since include Keynote speaker with global company TP Women International and she is booked to speak at the September Clear Path Conference - alongside Caroline Strawson - supporting survivors of domestic abuse with further retreats in 2022.

Louisa's signature Mindfulness and Mindset course ‘Time to Ignite’ - to accompany her book of the same name - continues to receive fantastic feedback from busy mums in business who needed to set their non-negotiable. Louisa also runs a stand alone Mindset and Law of Attraction Masterclass Ignite your Vision and leads bespoke 121 coaching packages working with mums new to business to ignite their vision and established entrepreneurs to ignite their impact in business.

Alongside her own courses, Louisa is an affiliate for Lisa Johnson’s One to Many programme and will soon be a contributor for the Ladies Life Lounge and Mums In Business SEEN memberships.  

Louisa is well known for her fun-loving personality and lives out her mission statement… An Ironing board is a surfboard that gave up on its dreams and got a boring job… don’t be an ironing board!


The full course will be delivered over 12 weeks in two stages.  The first 6 weeks called Ignite your Spark will be all of the inner mindset work that is essential and has to be worked through in order to feel fully aligned and confident to 'put yourself out there' in business. 

You need to ignite your spark before you can create the impact. You will join 6 group sessions led by Louisa who will deliver these golden sparks following her S.P.A.R.K.S system that will get you in the best headspace and mindset to take your business to the next level.  

If you don't yet have a business, Ignite your Spark is the perfect way to set your visions and intentions for any part of life, to work through any mindset issues and get you ignited and ready for MORE in your life, job or new business.  This important mindset work will help anyone at any point in your life.

Each unit includes a work booklet and a two bonus Time to Ignite Mindfulness classes to work through alongside the course.

Self Positivity Affirmations Receive Kindness Silence

Week 01






Week 02









Week 03









Week 04







Week 05







Week 06






The next SIX weeks is where we really get down to business.  Once the foundations of SPARKS are in place we can begin to focus fully on your personal growth and confidence to create more IMPACT in your business. Plus you will get 1 90 Minute IMPACT Strategy 121 to use at the point that you most need it to get fully clear on your impact strategy.

In view Message Purpose Audience Coverage Talk

  1. 1
    IN VIEW  
    Get Visible! We will jump in with how to increase your Visibility online. Guest expert Becky Holmes joins us to teach you how to be confident on camera and 'Perform great lives!' to maximise audience engagement and turn more viewers into buyers! 
  2. 2
    Talking on Lives, Networking, Podcast, PR - Together we will nail your IMPACT Statement/Elevator Pitch to make sure that your Message is clear, catchy and concise.     Book in your IMPACT 121 to get it nailed!
  3. 3
    Jojo Smith Fairy Godmother from CreativSAS joins us to talk about stepping into your SAS aka Self-awareness strategy so that your whole brand links to your purpose and passion.
  1. 4
    This week we will focus on how you serve your audience and to ensure that your ICA (Ideal Client Avator) is in fact who you want to serve and how you reach them on which platform - REELS, IGTV, LIVES, BLOGS.
  2. 5
    PR Guru Jo Swann from Chocolate PR joins us to talk all things Media. Jo will support you to gain confidence in your message, and to craft your stories in a way that produces pride a round your business and buy in from the media for more coverage.
  3. 6
    Guest expert Laura Weston from the Savvy Women's Club on Clubhouse and Savvy Parent's Podcast joins us to chat about how TALK can get your message put LOUD and CLEAR.

Imagine where you will be after 12 weeks

Clear, Confident, Visible and ready for MORE!

Introducing my exclusive IMPACT MORE INCUBATOR

 For women in business ready to take your seat at the table as a power in your niche, as the go-to expert with first class PR, Talk and Testimonials


2 x 90 MINUTE - IMPACT STRATEGY 121s with Louisa

In your two IMPACT 121s we will analyse your message, your vision, your brand and where/how you are showing up online. 

These 121s can be taken to suit you alongside the IGNITE MORE incubator sessions to create epic plans for how you will use the MORE Incubator sessions.



Alongside your 121s with me we will have 2 90 Minute Incubator Group Sessions.  

In these incubator we will analyse your current business visibility and social media platform and create a strategy for more IMPACT. Whether that be PR, Podcast, Book proposals. You will be privvy to my little-black-book of industry contacts.

I will hold space so that you have time to plan, and work with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs. To practise your lives, your pitches, to have my eyes on your media bios, press releases, blogs.  To support each other as we rise up together.

We will create YOUR Action plan for strategy, socials, talk & where to show up.

You will decide how will you Ignite your business into the next stage of action and prepare an EPIC plan for our final INCUBATOR.



In Real Life Event for serious SPARKS & IMPACT!

To bring our journey to a close we will meet for a day of serious SPARKS.  We will meet for a one day power event in the North West region where you will


I have arranged for industry experts to join us via Zoom so that you can practise pitching to them and receiving feedback.

You will be in the very safe hands of some of the guest experts that you have previously worked with. BONUS IMPACT POWERHOUSES

Jo Swann from Chocolate PR.  Pitch her your ideas for press and she will bring the gold and her expert advice for getting into the media.

Dani Wallace - Get her ears on your talk! She will give you feedback on your talk whether it be for a live or a talk.  She will bring the fire and show you how to create more impact.


Get your lippy and heels on because you will be having a mini photo-shoot to get you ON BRAND and ready to create serious waves online.

By the end of the day you will be looking the part, talking the talk and walking the walk ready to create MORE impact in your business!

Are you in?

Jenny Riley-Jenkins

Mum of 3 and owner of Mrs Jenkins Travelling Tea Room

With severe anxiety and stress levels, Time to Ignite has saved me. Learning to breathe, to visualise and journal have become part of my daily life. My non-negotiable time is now something I do every day and even better I can justify it mum-guilt free... I'm ignited!

Rosie Wood

Business Owner And Mother Of 2

As a busy business owner and a mum of 2 with a baby and felt I’d become disconnected with myself in the rush that life brings. I was drawn to Louisa’s course because she promised some support in building healthy ‘me time’ habits and I really needed the structure and accountability to help me do this.

Crafting our non-negotiable time for myself each week hasn’t been easy but I have hugely felt the benefits and I now know HOW to switch off, with skills I can transfer in all areas of my life. That relaxation has made me more motivated and productive in my business and a happier parent for my children.

Amie Blayney

New Business owner and 

I met Louisa online around 6 months ago, she was just one of those souls I was drawn to.

When I had the opportunity to have Louisa’s eyes on my business I was over the moon. I knew she was the person to not only show me how to make an impact with my business but to set that fire and really ignite me with my mission.

I now actively encourage business owners to seek out Louisa because for me no one supports, loves and guides you through the murky waters of business better than her!

Forever Grateful xx


Self-sabotage, childhood experiences and relationships often leave us in a state of Fight, Flight, Freeze and Fawn and by using the five elements in the Ignite your Spark course you will also begin to understand what your pain-points are to actively use the Mind and Body techniques on a daily basis too.  The tools and techniques provided will also help and empower you to validate any painful experiences that you may have had and the trauma that you may be carrying.  Childhood experiences, negative & abusive relationships, grief, health scares can all cause trauma which manifests in your mind and body as pain, depression and anxiety.  I will take you on a journey through the elements and we will ignite your potential passion and purpose as a busy mum and as a strong woman.

From ideas in the fire and sparks of imagination to becoming the phoenix rising from your ashes to bring your sparks to life and ignite your ideas into flames of glory.  Taking you beyond your sparks of imagination we will spend 6 weeks together in an intensive hotseating group to put solid plans into place for how you are going to bring your vision to reality.  Is your business, job, well-being, home – whatever you want to re-ignite we will smash through all of the blocks that are holding you back.

We look at your version of imposter syndrome in order to reframe your thinking.  Is your inner voice still holding you back? I will hold space for you to reflect and explore what you have discovered about yourself in our time together.  Here is where you open yourself up to how you will be more, feel more and do more.

Tapping into and exploring your own stories through Story Mapping your family and pain points in your past (grief, trauma, divorce, illness etc) We begin a journey together to establish truth and allow ourselves to feel grounded through journaling and story mapping.  

We will work on our self-esteem, confidence and personal power.   You will learn about Imposter Syndrome, limiting beliefs and how we can reframe these to allow flow in body & mind.

Being aware of your own goals and committing them to paper makes them a goal.  You will set goals that you want to achieve in your business and create a plan for how you will ignite your spark into action.

We explore what is holding you back in your relationships, in life, in your job.  Do you put other people first to your own detriment?  Do you ever feel lonely, insecure and isolated?  Have you ever been your own worst enemy?  Procrastination, fear, overwhelm are all reasons that we may self-sabotage.  We will explore the notion of Self sabotage and how alongside the Ignite classes you can use affirmations, vision boards and positive self-talk to build confidence, courage & self-love.

Explore the power of silence.  Connection with self and finding time each day to ‘just be’. We will explore the power of my IGNITE system.  The 5-step system and how to use it going forward.




Niki Kinsella is an unapologetically real, inspirational and rather sweary Spiritual Empowerment coach who is known as The Feminine Energy Guide.

Niki has drawn on the pain of being bullied as a child, a toxic narcissistic relationship, battling anxiety, depression and addiction and losing both her parents to create her purpose, and to help other women realise that they can change their lives too.

Niki helps women to discover the fire in their belly, heal anything that has been blocking them to feel excited about the future, and to believe in themselves enough to step forwards and lead a happy and fulfilled life, whatever that looks like to them. 


Jo is a vocalist, vocal coach and helps you to release the negative shit stored in your subconscious and connect to you own authentic and powerful Voice through a powerful throat chakra clearing technique she has created.

Often stress and trauma affects our throat chakra physically and emotionally.

When you connect to your voice - the magic truly happens.

You will gain confidence, clarity and power!

Then you can live life by your own rules!


The Mamas Ignited signature system Time to Ignite is a mindfulness class that takes you on a journey through the five elements and guided through the power of connection, self-massage, stretch, breath work and visualisation.

These two bonus sessions run side-by-side what we are delving into in the course and when used together are very powerful.

They will also be stored in your member area for life-time access so you can revisit your favourite sessions whenever you need to re-ignite that spark.


Becky Holmes 

Becky’s mission is helping women gain the skills and confidence to rock being on and using video, in their business. She is able to explain tech in a way you will immediately be able to grasp, find fun and be itching to go out and post videos.

Videos don’t have to be hard!


Becky will join us to deliver her  top tips to make creating your next video FEEL ten times easier and visualisation. 

Jojo Smith CreativSAS

With over 20 years of business development experience in the corporate, education and retail sectors, JoJo has a nurturing tenacity that has created sustainable connections and relationships that form part of her extensive network. Her sassy reputation precedes her, earning her the title of the "Go to Girl" for all things Creativ...Jo is everything that the word Sassy embodies, she is lively, bold, full of spirit and just a little bit cheeky. SassyNotSorry unapologetically positive. A true creator and Visionary, with energy that you will never forget!

Jo Swann Chocolate PR

Jo is the founder of Chocolate PR, an award winning PR agency she established over 15 years ago, after working in journalism, media, marketing and PR agencies. Jo specialises in helping female entrepreneurs overcome imposter syndrome to get press ready and helps startups believe in their PR power! She believes PR is for all of us, not just the big boys and is passionate about helping women who really don’t believe in themselves get empowered, spread their reach, and create more impact through coverage in the national press.

Laura Weston Savvy Peacocks

After enjoying a 20 year career with the one of the World’s Largest Banks, Laura is founder of a financial coaching business, Savvy Peacocks. Laura is also a co-parenting mother to 3 children and a 1 yr old puppy so it’s a good job she works best when she’s busy.
Savvy Peacocks supports entrepreneurial families to break down the taboo subject of money within the home and the business through a collaborative learning approach for both parents and children. They have a mission to increase financial literacy across the UK through our future generations.
Laura has built this business super quickly through a solid network and is looking forward to sharing with you how she did it using all platforms and what her priorities were. She’s an open book so come armed with your questions!


dani Wallace - Motivational Speaker & Speaker Coach 

It’s time to SHOW UP, WISE UP & RISE UP with The Queen Bee.  Fearless leader of the I Am The Queen Bee Movement and creator of the Fly Anyway Foundation, Dani helps people the world over Show Up Wise Up and Rise and is a reminder to anyone who enters her orbit that they too, regardless of their journey can #FLYANYWAY!

Former serial self-saboteur, having grown up on the council estates of Preston, Dani has survived the adversity of domestic violence, homelessness and single parenthood to become a leading voice in empowerment and have quickly become one of the most exciting motivational speakers to hit the UK stage in a long time!

And it is not just her own speaking that Dani specialises in. Dani helps people all over the world from novices to celebrities, and enthusiastic amateurs to seven-figure earners create incredible talks that help them stand powerfully on stage, reaching more of their ideal audiences and making more money (And who doesn’t want that?!) 

Kate Davis - Leadership Coach & Mentor 

Kate Davis is a leadership coach, business mentor and speaker. She helps creative business founders create resilient and sustainable businesses, by helping them to do more of what makes them happy, and enabling them to earn more money doing it.

She is an ICF accredited coach, business architect and change manager. She lives in Berkshire with her two wonderful children and two insane springer spaniels.

Kate has nearly thirty years of experience in developing and mentoring business owners. Looking at the architecture of businesses and how they are run - the people and the processes, support structures - the nuts and bolts of the business - and where we can improve things.

Kate's mantra is 'Do more of what makes you happy' Kate will help you to unblock anything holding you back and how to work smarter, not harder, giving them precious time back with your family

How do I get a piece of the Action? 

The course is available in three options to suit all budgets and stages of business.
IGNITE YOUR SPARK is the perfect mindset and empowerment course for whatever stage you are at in life, business or just for personal development.  You do not need to have a business to benefit from this 6 week course. Invest in YOU.
INCREASE YOUR IMPACT runs for 12 weeks and will support business owners and entrepreneurs who want to get your message out, to kickstart your business or to inject more IMPACT to a business that isn't quite where you want it to be.
IMPACT MORE is for the action takers who want results and someone to be with them as you delve into the power of social media, PR and connecting your personal story to increase the impact of your business. This course will put you in the spotlight with the confidence and clarity to shine as the expert in your field.





  • 6 live SPARKS sessions
  • Private Facebook group
  • Weekly work booklets


  • 2 Ignite Mindfulness Classes Value £195
  • Niki Kinsella - Mindset Mastery Value £222
  • Jo Elull - Voice workshop Value £150 TOTAL BONUS VALUE £567





  • 6 live SPARKS sessions
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Weekly work booklets
  • 6 x IMPACT sessions with guest experts (Becky Holmes, Jojo Smith, Jo Swann, Laura Weston) Value £995
  • 1 x 90 Min IMPACT Strategy 121


  • 2 Ignite Mindfulness Classes Value £195
  • Niki Kinsella - Mindset Mastery Value £222
  • Jo Elull - Voice workshop Value £150


  • Dani Wallace - Show Up Wise Up Rise Up Value £495
  • Kate Davis - Do More of what makes you Happy Value £395 TOTAL BONUS VALUE £2452

Impact More

confidence to shine



  • 6 live SPARKS sessions
  • Weekly work booklets
  • Private Facebook Group
  • 6 Mastermind sessions with guest experts (Jo Swann, Jojo Smith, Laura Weston, Becky Holmes) Value £995
  • 2 x 90 Min IMPACT Strategy 121s
  •  2 x IMPACT MORE INCUBATOR group sessions 
  • IN REAL LIFE - Bring your Impact final INCUBATOR with Guest Expert Panel (Jo Swann/Dani Wallace) Value £600
  • Mini Branding Photoshoot          Value £395


  • 2 Ignite Mindfulness Classes Value £195
  • Niki Kinsella - Mindset Mastery  Value £222
  • Jo Elull - Voice workshop Value £150


  • Dani Wallace - Show Up Wise Up Rise Up Value £495
  • Kate Davis - Do More of what makes you Happy Value £395 TOTAL BONUS VALUE £3447



4 months @ £170/m

  • 6 x live SPARK sessions
  • Private Facebook group
  • Weekly work booklets


  • 2 x Ignite Mindfulness classes Value £195
  • Niki Kinsella - Mindset Mastery Value £222
  • Jo Elull - Voice workshop  Value £150 TOTAL BONUS VALUE £567



5 months @ £215/m


12 months @ £88/m

  • 6 x live SPARK sessions
  • Private Facebook group
  • Weekly work booklets
  • 6 x IMPACT sessions with guest experts (Becky Holmes, Jojo Smith, Jo Swann, Laura Weston)     Value £995 
  • 1 x 90 Min IMPACT Strategy 121
  • 2 x Ignite Mindfulness classes. Value £195
  • Niki Kinsella - Mindset Mastery Value £222
  • Jo Elull - Voice workshop Value £150


  • Dani Wallace - Show Up Wise Up Rise Up. Value £495
  • Kate Davis - Do More of what makes you Happy. Value £395

Impact More

confidence to shine

6 months @ £230/m


12 months @ £113/m

  • 6 x live SPARK sessions.
  • Weekly work booklets.
  • Private Facebook group.
  • 6 x IMPACT sessions with guest experts (Becky Holmes, Jojo Smith, Jo Swann, Laura Weston)     Value £995
  • 2 x 90 Min IMPACT Strategy 121s 
  • 2 x IMPACT MORE INCUBATOR group sessions.
  • IN REAL LIFE - Bring your Impact Final INCUBATOR with Guest Expert Panel (Jo Swann/Dani Wallace) Value £600
  • Mini Branding Photoshoot          Value £395


  • 2 Ignite Mindfulness classes Value £195
  • Niki Kinsella - Mindset Mastery Value £222
  • Jo Elull Voice workshop Value £150


  • Dani Wallace - Show Up Wise Up Rise Up Value £495
  • Kate Davis - Do More of what makes you Happy. Value £395

What's stopping you?

Whatever stage you are at in your life/business I KNOW that this course will IGNITE you into serious action.  Whether that be IGNITE YOUR SPARK to set your mindset and ideas ready to start a new business idea.  INCREASE YOUR IMPACT to get your business in view and making waves and for those with a more established business who want to IMPACT MORE  - The INCUBATOR will take all. your learnings from the course to a plan of IMPACT strategy that will set your business ON FIRE.

Q - Do I have to have a business to join the course?

A - No the SPARKS system is aimed at women who want MORE and want a boost to help them to believe that they can DO more and HAVE more.

Q - I can't join live every week.

A - Each week the course will be saved in your private member's area and you have lifetime access.

Q - I can't afford to pay right now.

A - There is a pay monthly option so that you can spread the cost over the time that you are working with me.

Q - I don't feel ready to invest in myself.

A - I have been there! Investing in yourself will give yourself permission to step into your authority and expert status.