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Current Keynote Topics:

  • How gender roles have become blurred
  • Motherhood, mental health & the juggle-struggle
  • Her mission to empower women to be more
  • Thriving after narcissistic abuse
  • Reinvention and stepping into your soul purpose
  • Living with invisible pain

Louisa herridge

Louisa has been speaking for over 15 years within the realms of academia.  She has spoken at UK and International speaker events and workshops both with online and in real life audiences.
Most recently as Headline Speaker for TP Women International and Global company Teleperformance; Bee Inspired with world class speaking coach Dani Wallace.  Louisa will be speaking at the Clear Path Conference in 2021 to support survivors of domestic abuse alongside Caroline Strawson.

Louisa, a teacher of 15 years, is a survivor of domestic abuse and lived with chronic pain and depression for many years.  Following a breakdown, she is now a mission as the leader of the Mamas Ignited movement as a Mindset and Empowerment coach to help women in business - especially those who have suffered trauma - to find their spark, so that they can turn up the dial on living lives they actually love and creating IMPACT in their businesses.

Louisa shares her story of finding her spark after a breakdown and how she helps other mums to rewrite their story and ignite their dreams and create IMPACT by mindfully finding and fuelling renewed fire through her ‘5 Elements’ signature and IMPACT systems.  

Louisa is a trained actor and so being on stage comes naturally to her.  Her vibrant personality and natural humour allow her to speak about hard-hitting issues in an open and honest way, providing real connection with her audiences.