Time to Ignite - the 5-Step Mindfulness System

As a busy mother and business owner I am sure that my journey will resonate with you.  I ask you… how often do you put yourself first – NON-NEGOTIABLE - and set that important time for you?

Order a copy of my new book now and find out all about the Ignite system that changed my life after leaving an abusive relationship and having a breakdown.

5⭐ reviews

Kate Davies

Mum, Leadership Coach and Speaker.

I’ve just finished ‘Time to Ignite’ and read it in one sitting!  As a coach, a lot of the content wasn’t new to me, but the signature system Louisa has created gives you a unique step by step programme to take you from depleted and wrung out to replete and On Fire! A great read, with huge practical benefit.

Emma Roscoe

Mum, Speaker and Advocate.

I was very excited to get my hands on this little gem of a book.  It’s packed full of mindfulness magic, inspiration and easy to follow steps and tools to connect your body and mind, improve your well-being and ignite your spark.  Very timely for me as I’ve been focusing more on my self care recently and know how powerful practising mindfulness has been on my own journey.  Make time for yourself - because you’re bloody worth it and Louisa’s book will definitely help guide your on your way.

Time to Ignite - Benefits

Learn a system that can take you from a vortex of doom to an aligned, calm life.

Journey through your elements and connect body and mind leaving you fulfilled and wanting more.

Learn ways to feel charged, relaxed and in control with more exuberance for life.

A simple 5-step system that will put you at the top of your To-do list.

Your Time Is NOW

Are you feeling stressed with the juggle-struggle of life and having no time for you?  

Do you feel like you are living in a continual brain fog?

Is life so busy that it feels impossible to stop and make time for yourself?  

In the evenings are you stuck in a slump of Netflix and scroll?  Not being able to fully relax at the end of the day and never fully switching off as the giant to-do list gets longer and longer!

Do you sometimes feel that you want more?  But not quite sure what.  Do you feel more than a little lost in life?  

Has the pandemic made you lose your way?

Have you lost sight of the woman that you used to be BM (Before Motherhood)?

It is very easy to end up in a negative cycle of not having time, letting your self-care slip and ending up in a worse place!  Does it feel like everyone else relies on you – husband, kids, work colleagues, parents?

Sound familiar?  You put everyone and everything first and before you know it you are on your knees.  You can’t run on an empty tank.

And that’s before we mention the big A… Anxiety.  It is the unwelcome guest in many of our homes and now more than ever you need to find a way to send it packing!

Well here is the answer:


5 Simple Steps

Time to Ignite is a simple 5-step system that will put you at the top of your To-do list.  Ignite is a system for women like you.  Mums like you.  

Louisa Herridge Holding Iron

Signature System

This Signature System designed by Louisa from Mamas Ignited is a relaxation system.  It is a process that will take you on a journey through your elements and connect body and mind leaving you fulfilled and wanting more. 


Time to Ignite

Time to Ignite is a system that will take you from feeling stressed and lacking time for you to being able to set your non-negotiable – to find that important time for YOU each week so that you can put yourself at the top of your to-do list and each week feel charged, relaxed and in control with more exuberance for life.

So I ask you… can you find an hour for yourself a week?  Can you make it non-negotiable so that you do something for YOU?  This course will give you something that is just for you, that not only will help you gain a new lease of life and manage your anxieties and daily stresses, but will introduce you to a new circle of friends and open up your world to the exciting journey that I have been on for the last year.  Are you ready to ignite?


Are you ready to ignite?

Let’s face it… even without a global panic Mum-life is HARD!  As busy mums our self-care is often the first that we forget about.  Whether you are single or with a partner; with or without help - we are all Mums doing it all and at times it feels impossible.   I know first-hand how difficult it is to spin all the plates of solo-mum, career, house and social life BC (before Covid).

After a violent assault and escaping an abusive relationship my self-care was at an all-time low.  Diagnosed with PTSD, I was trying to be wonder-woman spinning all the plates and putting on the ‘I am fine’ act. I wasn’t taking care of myself, couldn’t ask for help, struggled to tell people how hard it was.  My mental health declined and I hit rock bottom resulting in a breakdown.

It has taken almost a year and a lot of proactive changes but finally I am me again and my plate is the one that gets polished first – non-negotiable!   
It was finding easy to access mindfulness that really changed my mindset and helped my recovery.

I’m too fat and unfit for yoga.  Meditation is for weirdos. Of course, I know how to breathe.  I go for a massage every now and then.  I don’t have time to sit in silence for 20 minutes.

These were the blockers that I used to tell myself when people recommended mindfulness.  I wouldn’t dare go to a yoga class as I would look ridiculous.  Time to Ignite will give you the tools to implement a well-being system that works for you at home and it can even be introduced to the whole family.